Fužine the region extremely rich in water. Fužine populated place in Croatia receives the highest annual rainfall. To this enormous amount of water retained and used in Fužine are built three dams.

Bayer is the oldest lake built fifties. The lake was constructed in the former Licanka attractive river valley, close to the village Fuzine. The lake has an average depth of 2-7 meters and has about one million cubic meters of water. Suitable for boating, canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing due to frequent wind flow.

Lepenica is the largest artificial lake in Fuzine. Built in 1988. year, area and volume of water considerably larger than Bajer, and the maximum depth is 18 meters. In summer it is pleasant for swimming (the water temperature rises above 23 ° Celsius. On the lake in 1989. Hosted the World Championships in Underwater Orienteering, 2007. World Cup.

Both lakes are very rich in fish and bait for anglers.

The youngest and smallest lake is Potkoš. It is an attractive picnic area .
It is especially popular lake Bajer, around which the water and the attractive promenade which is usually the destination of hikers.