Fužine near the sea at 730 meters above sea level, but on the continent, on the shores of the lake Bajer. Surrounded by the picturesque mountains, the silence of the forest of conifers and the beauty of its lakes. From its beginning until today, thanks to the development Fuzine very good location and near a busy transit routes - formerly Carolina Road, which connected the interior with the coast, railroad, and now the Zagreb - Rijeka, which shortens the time to be at only half hour. Summers are pleasant and winters with snow. In summer is a real pleasure to stay at sea and spend the night in a pleasant highland air. Walking and cycling trails will take you to another lake - Lepenica or to a beautiful cave spring. In summer you can refresh yourself in the lakes, to spend a boat or canoe or surf fishing is a real thrill. Fuzine offer excellent local food in their restaurants.



You need a vacation for body and soul? Would you like to spend your day walking in the countryside, riding bike, walking or hiking, go fishing, holiday house in the edge of the arches as GORSKI KOTAR, the right place for a vacation. The idyllic mountain hut on the edge of woods near the sea, which on the one hand combines mountain idyll, while the other beauties nearby Kvarner region invite you to rest and adventure. At only 30-minute drive from the river, 40 minutes from Opatija, 20-minutes from Crikvenica ... only an hour from Zagreb in an idyllic forest shade spend unforgettable moments of life in harmony with nature. The green oasis of Gorski Kotar is the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Adorned by the lake, sunny meadows, numerous springs, streams and rivers, magnificent hills and mountains of Gorski Kotar offers the pleasures of a pleasant shade of forest and enchanting tranquility.


Jablanac, a village situated on a bay at the foot of the Velebit Channel, perhaps best known to tourists as a ferry port for Rab. It lies between the bay and old skid trails Smokovaca. The old Vlaka is known for being the timber thus dragging down the slope to the sea, while in the bay of Mala Stinica (8-18 m depth) harbor with a wharf and a small pier.

 Today is Jablanac is a picturesque coastal town with beautiful churches and homes, and, believe it or not, the mountain home - located at the lowest point in Croatia (20 m). Velebit Jablanac makes a good starting point for climbing and exploring the mountains, and what would you advise anyone to make when you're in Jablanac, walk to a beautiful cove Zavratnica.

Are you planning a trip from which you expect to discover new and interesting destinations you visit Zavratnica - "significant landscape" and one of the most beautiful coves of the Croatian coast.
By its origin Zavratnica is flooded with torrential valley cliffs about 100 m high. Length of the bay is about 900 m and the width varies between 50 and 150 m. It was in the Cretaceous strata from which the large fracture formed by numerous sandbanks that have stopped retaining walls and planting of trees and low vegetation. In Zavratnica is counted 129 species, of which 100 indigenous and 29 introduced species.
In the early 20th century built the upper trail with gazebo and walkway by the sea. Around this time Zavratnica resort becomes secretive elite of Vienna and Prague.

Azure sea in the bay of opposing shades of gray stone Velebit, sparse vegetation green and dark clouds shade trees in the warm summer days, traveling only parts of the trail. No wonder that the attractiveness Zavratnica could not resist the well-known writer Vjenceslav Novak, who is here finding inspiration for their works.
How to get there: Do you come from Zavratnica Jablanac, ferry port for Rab, walking half-hour walking trail along the coast. If you more into hiking and adventure, in the bay you can go down the mountain trail from the village Zavratnica.
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